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K.I.S.S. Program


There are many importers in the luggage industry. Some of them have been around for a while and a few are divisions of domestic manufacturers who started importing when domestic manufacturing became difficult or non-competitive. Some of these importers may even provide import services for specific products to a limited customer base.

Only one company, however, is the

  • FIRST pure import company in the luggage industry.

  • FIRST import member of the TGA.

  • FIRST to create direct import opportunities for many of the largest importers in today's luggage industry.

  • FIRST to live in the parallel universes of importing for its own wholesale and distribution business and at the same time provide complete direct import services for trendsetting, cutting edge retailers.


And . . . only one company continues to lead the pack in providing creative and innovative products-including more than 25 patents and trademarks and import services for its customers. That one company is Kingport Trading LLC.

Kingport is the manufacturer and importer of world famous KLUGE travelware products and is now celebrating 40 years of experience importing luggage, business cases and related travelware products from countries throughout the Far East.

Over its 40 + year history, Kingport has developed strategic partnerships in every major product producing country in this region. These countries, the cream of the Pacific Rim manufacturing cradle, include Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Viet Nam, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

During this incredible more than 40% of a century, Kingport has provided reliable and effective import sourcing services for retailers - including the largest department and chain stores, small specialty stores importing for their own account, and the mail order giants and catalog houses that everyone is now visiting on the web. During this same time period Kingport supplied these same services for many wholesalers and domestic manufacturers who are now able to provide products for their customers covering a broader range of price points, styles, fabrications and marketing concepts. These companies are household names. Ask around. You will be amazed.


The original Kingport was incorporated as a separate entity in 1974, however, it had been importing products from the Far East for six years prior to that time as a division of an international corporation. In 1974 the principal decided to devote full time and energies to the importing of luggage and travelware products and opened what was to become the longest continuously operating foreign import office in the luggage industry in Seoul, Korea. During the next several years Kingport became the largest importer of leather luggage products from Korea to the United States.

Over the next decade Kingport expanded its foreign presence to include Taiwan and Hong Kong while at the same time making the earliest forays in the luggage industry into China. In 1978 the message was transmitted from China to the Kingport headquarters: “Kingport arrives in China!!!”

The advancement into emerging product- producing countries was sure and swift - China - Thailand - the Philippines - India - Sri Lanka - Indonesia all came on line and most, along with Viet Nam and Bangladesh, are currently part of the importing framework and multi-national operation that Kingport utilizes.


Finding the right manufacturer is the most important aspect of importing . This requires a unique knowledge of product, people and national customs and policies. Kingport has developed strategic relationships with manufacturers in every product-producing country in the Far East and has maintained many of these relationships for more than 20 years, while continuously developing new sources of related products. Many of the factories, which were initially developed as strategic partners of Kingport, have become the leading producers of luggage and business case products in their respective countries for the United States and Europe.

The depth and closeness of its relationships have enabled and encouraged Kingport to introduce these manufacturers directly to United States and European-based wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers and to foster direct import relationships between these various entities.

Kingport maintains an import “bible” of manufacturers based on product capabilities, quality level, pricing and geographical convenience. 40 + years of experience makes this depth of knowledge possible and only actual trial and error with its own products enables Kingport to bring this unique combination of experience and knowledge to the table.


We are well into the new millennium. Where do you see your company in the new global economy? This is your opportunity to expand your business beyond local boundaries and add the entire world to your backyard.

Kingport is ready, willing and able to introduce any wholesaler, retailer and domestic manufacturer to the exciting and profitable world of importing and bring its experience and ongoing expertise into the program. In effect, Kingport is outsourcing on your behalf an experienced staff of import specialists to assist in production, pricing, fabrication, logistics, quality, inspection, shipping, documentation and legal issues which will empower you to compete more effectively in the global economy. This means cost effective expansion and improved bottom line results.

Any product in the luggage, business case, stationery and travelware industry is eligible.

Any company that wishes to broaden its product base, generate cost efficiency and expand its marketing horizon is eligible.


Nowhere in this brochure will you find the names of Kingport direct import customers. This is intentional. Kingport prides itself on being able to go the extra mile for its customers (or the extra 10,000 miles, if necessary) and keep all information confidential.

With a K.I.S.S. You can reach your goals, realize your hopes, calm your fears and fulfill-most importantly-your import needs. The next trip will be scheduled at your convenience.

K.I.S.S. Procedures

Kingport Trading LLC expands your universe and introduces you to the global economy. Any company, that meets the minimal requirements for importing directly from Kingport's sources, is eligible. This is the essence of the K.I.S.S. Program.     


Any customer design and/or any Kingport design is eligible, subject to the following product quantity minimums.

  1. Leather products: 200 pieces per order; 100 pieces per color per style.

  2. Personal leather goods: 500 pieces per color per style.

  3. Nylon, polyester, PVC and ramie cut and sew merchandise: 1000 pieces.

  4. Luggage sets: as low as 325 sets, per color, per style.

Kingport will select the proper manufacturer(s) from its strategic partnership roster.


You decide destination of merchandise. It can be shipped to you, your customer or various locations selected by you. Kingport will assist you in finding the best shipping method and the best shipping company.

Import Documentation and Procedures
Kingport will help you import the merchandise either by acting as importer on your behalf or by helping you find the best customs broker which empowers you to import for your own account.


Kingport's flexible financing program enables you to pay for imported merchandise with International Letter of Credit, Domestic Letter of Credit or wire transfer.


You become an importer without spending the time or money required by the trial and error approach.

  • Your ability to compete economically on a global basis is enhanced.

  • No additional personnel are needed to expand your product base .

  • All merchandise is subject to final approved samples and must conform in all respects.

  • All merchandise is inspected independently prior to shipment.

  • All costs are negotiated and compared on an international basis.

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